Cotton Nightie Press The Summer I Grew Up

Stephanie Larson is a young woman on the cusp of growing up and is burning with curiosity about love, relationships, and sex.

Her older brother, Joe, keeps a rotating set of what’s-her-names parading through their house, but it’s his best friend, Mark, that finally answers some of her questions and leaves her with a hundred more.

Stephanie and her best friend, Bethany, begin an unforgettable summer adventure of love and loss. At times funny and heartbreaking, the story reveals the struggle of finding the answers to the hardest questions we can ask ourselves.

This is a stand-alone 78K-word romance novel. It was released March 1, 2017

On March 1st, 2018 this story was nominated for a Clitoride Award for best gay / lesbian / gender-bending story of 2017!

Sweek Inkitt