Chapter 1

“Frickin’ zombies,” Jeff muttered as he shot flaming arrows into the blocky monster biting his avatar in the game. His tablet flashed a popup warning about low battery power, but he dismissed it and kept playing.

The resort bedroom was crowded with open suitcases and the resulting explosion of his cousins’ clothes. His teenaged girl cousins. There were bathing suits, brightly colored shirts, matching shorts, and more shoes than he’d ever owned. And then there were hair doodads, sparkly jewelry, and every kind of electronic gadget. The sight of it all pissed him off even more.

He continued to fire flaming arrows into the shambling zombie bonfire. “Die,” he muttered at the zombie while he glared at Amy, Shelly, and Lori laughing and talking on the other bed.

The adults were staying in the adjoining room. His dad shot him a sympathetic look through the open door. Then he raised a silver flask to his lips, tilted his head back, and shut his eyes. Lucky bastard.

Jeff was the oldest cousin and, apparently, that made him the unpaid chaperon for the other three. He glared at Amy. She’d been a bitch ever since their family had shown up earlier that afternoon. Amy’s fraternal twin, Shelly, had been mostly quiet but had shot him dirty looks every time she caught him looking her way. Lori had just turned fourteen but seemed far less mature than her age. And all of them treated him like he was their servant.

He’d been looking forward to this vacation all year, but it was all ruined now. What had started as a reward for graduating from high school with good grades now included his mother’s twin sister and her family. Uncle Bob laughed too loud at his own jokes and farted all the time. Aunt Jackie might look like his mom, but she was a total flake. And her three daughters were just as flaky.

When they’d met up for lunch, Amy was moaning about her ex-boyfriend. Apparently, he broke up with her on the last day of school because he was going to hook up with a girl he knew at summer camp. Jeff said he sounded like a stand-up guy. Amy lost her shit when he tried to point out that a lie would have been easier than being straight with her.

After that, none of the girls would talk to him, but their parents still expected him to keep them from getting into trouble. That was complicated by the fact that Amy kept running off with douchebags and leaving him to watch over her obnoxious sisters. He had finally given up and left them to drown.

The battery finally failed on his tablet. Jeff sighed as he reached over to plug it into one of the dozen free charging cables on his nightstand. He’d left it plugged in when they’d gone to the pool earlier, but one of the girls had unplugged it to plug in her phone instead of using a free cable.

“Mom, there’s not enough room for all of us in this bed,” Lori whined to Aunt Jackie. Jeff smirked at her complaint.

Aunt Jackie said, “I bet your cousin Jeff wouldn’t mind sharing—”

“Fuck that!” Jeff spun around on his bed to face the girls and their mother. There was no way he was going to let one of them sleep in his bed after being bitches to him all day.

“Jeffrey Allen,” Mom said as she stormed through the connecting doorway.

“No, Mom, this is bullshit. You promised me this trip if I made straight As senior year. I worked my ass off for a trip with you and Dad. Then last month you told me Aunt Jackie, Uncle Bob, and their spoiled brats were coming. This isn’t the trip I worked for. I got stuck watching them all day while y’all got to relax and have fun at the bar.”

“That’s enough!” Mom crossed her arms and frowned. “This is a family vacation and you’re part of this family just like Bob, Jackie, and their kids.”

Jeff pinched his lips together to keep from saying something that would get him in even more trouble. His cousins stared at him in open-mouthed shock. Aunt Jackie looked like she was going to cry.

Mom speared him with a hard look. “Apologize. Now!”

“I won’t and you can’t make me.” His stomach clenched as he defied his mother. “It’s not fair!”

“It’s okay, Sis,” Aunt Jackie said and sighed. “He’s right.”

I invited you,” Mom said. “He has no right to be rude to you or the girls.”

“And we had no right to make him watch out for them all day. This is his vacation, too.”

Jeff scooted back to lean against the pillows with his arms crossed. Amy kept peeking over at him like she was ashamed, but he ignored her.

“Jeff, I’m sorry,” Aunt Jackie said as she sat on the corner of his bed. “I never considered how you saw this trip or all of us coming along at the last minute. Will you forgive me?”

Jeff took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Yeah. And I could’ve been nicer about what I said.”

“I’m sorry, too,” Amy said as she crossed to Jeff’s bed. “You were right and I was mean to you all day for no good reason.”

Jeff looked her over. Soft brown hair, braided with beads for swimming. Pale blue eyes. Her creamy skin was smooth and clear. The long nightshirt she wore stopped mid-thigh, displaying her long slender legs. If she wasn’t his cousin, he’d have to admit she was really attractive. He decided there was no point in holding a grudge and ruining his own vacation.


Mom finally stopped frowning and let her arms drop. “Good. Now let’s all go to sleep so we can have fun tomorrow.”

Aunt Jackie got her girls in the other bed and turned off the lights. The television was still playing that stupid teenaged princess show. Jeff rolled over to face the bathroom wall and tried to tune out the noise.

The most frustrating part of sharing a room was the lack of privacy. Jeff usually rubbed one out to get sleepy. He slipped his hand under the elastic band of his boxers and ran his fingertips around his shaft and balls.

Even when he had a girlfriend who was willing to hook up, Jeff still popped the top once or twice a day. It wasn’t about sex, he just craved the physical release. As his cock grew in his grip, he began moving the skin up and down the shaft. He smiled to himself while he controlled his breathing so no one would suspect what he was doing.

Images sprang to mind as he stroked himself in his underwear. There was that cute girl at the pool he saw earlier. She was laying out with her legs slightly spread. He had positioned himself in the pool to be able to see her cloth-covered pussy. Dark sunglasses kept her from noticing he was staring at her.

The bikini she had been wearing had formed to her body. He could see her lower lips and pronounced mound clearly through the cloth. He imagined kissing the smooth fabric, tracing the outlines of her curves with his lips.

“Shit,” Amy exclaimed from behind him as she fell out of her bed with a thump.

Jeff froze. He heard her mutter and complain as she stood. He slipped his hand out of his underwear as she walked around his bed toward the bathroom. She went in and he could hear the sprinkling sound of her peeing followed by a flush. She didn’t wash her hands, he noted with a frown. He kept his eyes closed when she stepped between his bed and the wall to kneel near his head.

“Jeff,” she whispered. “Are you awake?”

He took pity on her and pretended to wake up. “Oh, hey.”

“My sisters just pushed me out of bed in their sleep. Would it be okay if I sleep in your bed? I swear I won’t bother you.”

She had already bothered him, as his raging boner testified with its mute plea for release. He sighed. “Sure, just turn off that stupid show first.”

Amy walked around to use the remote. The silence was welcome, as were the slow, deep breaths of her sisters. He rolled over on his back as Amy pulled the covers down and climbed into bed beside him.

“Thanks,” she whispered as she rolled to face him. “I really appreciate this.”

He rolled to face her and whispered back, “No biggie.”

“I thought about what you said. About Ben, I mean, being honest. I’m not happy he dumped me, but you’re right about it being better than him lying to me all summer.”

“I never said it didn’t suck to be dumped or that you shouldn’t be pissed off. At least now you can go chase guys with a clear conscience. Just watch out for yourself. The ones you were with today pinged my douchebag radar.”

She smiled in the dim light and stared at his face. Their parents had the door between the rooms mostly shut, but the sliver of light from their room made it bright enough to see her.

“I just want a vacation fling. It’s not like I’m ever gonna see them again.”


“Besides, that one guy asked me for a handjob ten minutes after meeting me. I have no illusions about what kind of guy he is.”

Jeff rolled his eyes. “God, what a pig. Did he at least offer to give you a handy, too?”

“No,” Amy laughed.

“Hey, demand equal rights and all that.” Jeff smiled back at her. She smelled clean and her breath was minty.

“Besides, I don’t even know how to do it for a guy.”

Jeff was tempted to suggest that might be why her boyfriend was so fired up for a summer camp hookup. “It’s not that hard. I mean, if a twelve-year-old boy can figure it out all by himself, you can probably do it too.”

“Oh my God,” Amy hissed in laughter and covered her face with her hands. “I can’t believe you just said that!”

“Hey, everyone does it. It’s no big deal.”

“God, Jeff,” she gasped as she peeked between the fingers over her eyes.

“As if you’ve never done it,” he huffed.

“I don’t talk about it, though.” After she said it, her eyes opened wide when she realized what she just admitted. “I mean…”

“Don’t sweat it, Amy,” Jeff said and decided to let her off the hook. “Forget I mentioned it.”

She rolled onto her back and chuckled to herself. Jeff rolled back as well and let out a long breath. He really needed to rub one out now, but it would be creepy with his cousin in the bed. Maybe he could sneak into the bathroom for a few minutes of alone time.

“Do you really do it?” Amy asked just loud enough to hear.

“I was doing it when you fell out of bed,” he said just to shock her.

“You were not.” She rolled over to face him again. After he just raised an eyebrow at her, she gasped, “You were!”

“Yeah. I need to do it at least a couple of times a day and there hasn’t been much privacy lately.”

“I usually do it in the shower,” she whispered to him.

“No wonder you took so long in there,” Jeff laughed.

Amy was quiet for a minute. “What do you mean you need to do it?”

“Guys produce about fifteen hundred sperm cells a second. If I don’t get off regularly, I get sex on the brain and it makes me cranky.”

“So it’s not really about wanting to have sex, then?”

“Naw, I just need the relief.” He was about to get up and go to the bathroom to find that relief when Amy touched his arm.

“Go ahead and do it.”

“What?” he said as he looked over at her. She looked serious.

“I want to see.”

“It’s too dark. You won’t be able to see anything.”

“Then use my hand and show me how you do it.”

His eyes went wide when she ran her fingers down his arm to touch his hand. He clasped her hand in his. Her body was close enough that he felt the heat of her next to him. Swallowing hard, he tugged her hand over his boxers to see if she would jerk her hand away. When he placed her hand on his boxers, she traced the shape of his cock through the soft fabric.

“Jeez, Amy,” he muttered.

“Show me how,” she demanded.

Jeff lifted his hips and lowered his boxers. Amy left her hand and fondled his shaft when the fabric moved past.

“It’s soft,” she said. “I mean it’s hard inside, but it’s so soft outside.” She traced her fingertips down to his sack. “That’s soft, too.”

Jeff closed his eyes and moaned softly. After he got his underwear down to his thighs, he guided Amy’s hand back up to grip his shaft. Holding her fingers, he showed her how to move the skin up and down at the right pace.

“Like this,” he breathed. “God, it feels so good.”

He let her do it on her own and flexed his muscles to push into her hand. She inched closer to his side.

“I wish I could see,” she whispered.

Jeff glanced over to her sleeping sisters, then at the light coming through the doorway. He could hear their parents laughing quietly above the faint noise from their television. He moved the sheet down to expose her hand stroking him.

“It’s bigger than I thought it would be,” she whispered with excitement. “Why is it wet now? Did you pee?”

“No, it’s called precum. It’s natural lube to make sex easier.”

She stopped long enough to touch the slick head and bring a drop to her nose. Then she took him in hand again and continued stroking him. “It’s really slippery now.”

Jeff jerked as she began stroking over his glans as well. Her fingertips traced around the crown and ridges making him shiver. She moved her hand down to cup his balls and played for a moment before stroking him some more.

“A little faster,” he begged.

“Like this?” she asked as she increased the pace and tightened her grip.

The feeling of her hand was exquisite torture. He clamped his teeth together as they arrived at his climax. His back arched as he tugged his shirt up to avoid making a mess on it. Amy sat up slightly to watch as he began to shoot hot cum all over himself.

“That is so cool,” Amy cooed.

Jeff panted quietly as Amy dragged her finger through the mess he made. She bent closer and sniffed at it.

“Smells kinda bleachy. What does it taste like?”

“Not much, actually. Just slick and a little bitter.”

“You’ve actually tasted it?” Amy asked with apparent shock.

“Sure,” Jeff shrugged and reached for the dry washcloth he’d left on the nightstand. Before he could clean up, Amy lifted a finger to her mouth. He wiped his stomach while she tilted her head back and forth. He pulled his boxers back up and tugged the sheet back up.

“You’re right.” Amy snuggled back down next to him.

“So you want me to return the favor?” Jeff asked as he rolled to face her. He ran his hand over her stomach and felt her tense at his touch.

“I’m fine,” she whispered in a tight tone.

Jeff chuckled. “I don’t mind, Amy. You did a great job. I kinda owe you.”

She stared at him but didn’t push his hand away. Jeff chanced another circle of his palm. Her eyebrows drew together like she was considering it. Then she lifted her hips and tugged her long sleep shirt up above her panties.

Taking that as an invitation, Jeff ran his fingertips from her stomach to her thighs. He didn’t focus on her panties, but he did brush over them. Amy drew a sudden breath and clutched the rolled-up edge of her nightshirt. She had great muscle tone and the cutest slit of a belly button.

“Relax,” Jeff breathed into her ear.

“I’m trying.” The little peep of a sound betrayed just how anxious she was.

Jeff began to circle around her mons, pausing each time his fingers crossed the elastic of her panties. When she finally let out the breath she was holding, Jeff began pressing a little harder, massaging along the top of her thighs.

Her breathing deepened as he rubbed. The pronounced rise of her mons displayed the crinkled texture of her pubic hair beneath the fabric. Jeff began to detect the subtle scent of her arousal. He focused his massage at the top of her slit and settled into a steady pace.

“Faster? Slower?” he whispered.

“’S good,” she murmured through half-open lips. Then she bit her bottom lip in a cute expression of desire.

Jeff watched her face carefully, noting the subtle movements of her forehead and jaw. Most of the girls he’d been with took a while, so he rested on his elbow while he continued to bring her along.

He noticed her nipples were tenting her nightshirt. She didn’t have large breasts, but they were perfect for her slender build. Giving in to the impulse, Jeff leaned over and ran his lips over the fabric covering her peaks.

“Oh God,” Amy breathed and shivered.

Without stopping the steady circular rhythm he’d established, he used his lips to tug at her erect nipples through her nightshirt. She responded by arching her back, pushing her soft breasts higher, begging for his touch.

Opening his mouth, he pushed more firmly against her breast and let his hot breath penetrate her nightshirt. Her thighs opened at last as she began pushing against his hand. He resisted the temptation to explore her body, trusting the steady stimulation would get her off eventually.

Her breathing hitched as she began to lose control. She made little whimpers and whines as she continued to clutch the rolled edge of her nightshirt. Her eyes were shut tight as she opened her mouth in a silent scream. The sight of her coming apart was erotic as hell, but Jeff worried that she might give voice to her passion.

He stopped teasing her breasts and moved his face over hers. The heat of her breaths beat against his skin. When she began to strain and murmur, he lowered his lips to hers. The kiss may have shocked her, but only for a second. She began to kiss him back with a wild abandon. He kept the pressure up while he nipped and bit at her lips.

A low, straining whine came as she froze, her body arching off the bed. Jeff continued to rub throughout her orgasm, drawing it out for her as long as he could. When she finally collapsed, her breaths came as ragged pants. He kissed her one last time, a deep, wet kiss that made her clench her thighs together. With his fingers trapped between her legs, he moved the other arm under her pillow and snuggled in close to hold her.

“Fuck,” she murmured, at last, turning slightly to become his little spoon.

Jeff moved his arm all the way around and pulled her closer into his chest. She released his hand at last, but he didn’t move it away. Instead, he gently cupped her mons and traced his fingers over the wet gusset of her panties. She sighed in pleasure, rubbing against his body like a cat.

“It’s never like that when I do it,” she whispered to him.

Jeff just hummed into her braided hair and took a deep breath of her scent. With one hand cupping her sex and the other covering her breast, the two of them faded into sleep.